La Haus: LATAM’s next Unicorn will launch its first referral program

La Haus, future Latin American proptech unicorn, teams up with Buyapowa

Since being founded in 2017, La Haus has been working tirelessly to help make buying a home as painless, satisfying and accessible as possible for millions of people across Latin America. By combining world-class technology, rich data and personalized customer service, they are disrupting and transforming the real estate industry across Colombia and Mexico. So, whether customers are in the market for a new home or making an investment, La Haus is committed to helping.

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Trend for 2022: Referral Marketing is dead…..long live Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is dead... Long live referral marketing

While any prediction in the midst of a global pandemic is fraught with danger, we are confident that 2022 will be the year when referral marketing finally emerges to be so much more than just a simple customer acquisition channel.

The year ahead will see its transition into a powerful tool that unlocks the full potential, not just of customers, but all the people, partners and affiliates that already know and love your brand, delivering you a hugely valuable new source of business growth. And it will do this at a fraction of the cost you are used to seeing from other marketing channels.

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The ultimate laggards: why are some brands still not using online referral programs?

Offline vs Online Referrals
It seems crazy that, almost fully 30 years since the birth of the internet, some brands still don’t use online referral programs. Instead, they persist with old fashioned referral programs that are fully or partly offline, often requiring a potential referrer to fill in an online form (or even a paper form) with the details of the friend that they want to refer, so that the brand can then reach out to that person by telephone or email.

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