An open letter to streaming services around the world

Buyapowa's open letter to the streaming services of the world.

Dear streaming service guys,

Look, I’ll be honest. I didn’t think I needed another over-the-top streaming service in my life. Like everyone else I know, I forgot my own mother’s phone number years ago, but I can still tap out my Netflix password in Morse Code with one hand tied behind my back. The Amazon Prime Video button on my remote is so worn down, I risk electrocution every time I want to watch ‘The Boys’. I can’t name all the state capitals or list every president of the USA, but I can tell you the best show airing right now on Peacock, Apple TV+, HBO Max, Paramount+, Shudder, CuriosityStream or discovery+ (it’s ‘Pig Royalty’, by the way – have you seen ‘Pig Royalty’?).

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BLOCX and Buyapowa are a partnership made in referral heaven

BLOCX is an exciting and innovative disruptor in the Australia and New Zealand real estate space, using the power of social networks to change the way people sell and how agents run their business. Their mission is to democratise real estate and instil sellers with a strong sense of trust, control, safety and security, and empower agents to deliver a world-class experience every time.

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