Examples of referral programs at leading utilities brands

To understand why utilities (natural gas, electricity and water suppliers) are increasingly looking to harness positive word-of-mouth to gain new customers via referral marketing, we need to look at the challenges utilities marketers face.

First, as the name suggests, a ‘utility’ is something that’s seen as interchangeable commodity, and if you switch gas, electricity or water supplier you get exactly the same gas molecules, electrons and water flowing through your pipes and cables. And so, at least in developed countries, changing supplier doesn’t typically impact the nature or regularity of the supply of gas, electricity or water to your home or business. So it’s hard to compete on product, other than by offering some nice apps and IOT applications to monitor and control your usage. And being a regulated business means that there’s usually a whole heap of red tape that restricts the kind of marketing that can be done, and what can be included in product bundles.

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Marketing Strategies for Credit Unions in the Digital Age (Updated 2021)

Marketing strategies for credit unions in the digital age

Your credit union is not only different than traditional banks and financial institutions, it’s different than every other credit union out there. And while some credit unions have been around for generations, while some are far more recent. While some restrict membership to people in a specific industry or occupation — like a firefighter’s credit union — others are open to everyone.

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Crabi teams up with Buyapowa to bring refer-a-friend to Mexico’s auto insurance world

Crabi and Buyapowa team up to bring referral to Mexico's auto insurance world

Crabi, the first 100% digital auto insurer in Mexico that centers on the person behind the wheel as well as the cars it covers, proposes a modern, simpler way for car owners to get personalized coverage, paying only for the services they really need.

This is the way they put their customers front and center, not just their cars. Additionally, Crabi fosters safe driving by rewarding additional benefits to responsible drivers who sustain a crash-free driving performance.

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