An army of lovers: the surprising new stars of influencer marketing

influencer army

Once a function of PR, but now very much embedded within everyone’s marketing strategies, influencer marketing is the biggest game in town. But, in the light of recent reports highlighting the untrustworthiness of many influencers, is it time to think again?

We explore the past, present and future of influencer marketing, and take a look at the technology that’s helping marketers engage millions of genuine voices with genuine influence, delivering genuine results.

The internet was supposed to save us from marketing bunkum. Gone were the days of super-expensive creative, plastered over billboards and magazines and televisions with nebulous impact. This was a new dawn, where everything was measurable, where scale kept prices down and where campaigns could be tweaked or switched in a heartbeat.

Then the internet broke.
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Buyapowa acquires RewardStream

Business combination creates the first truly global leader in referral marketing

Buyapowa Ltd is pleased to announce that it has acquired RewardStream, a leading provider of referral marketing solutions for telecommunications, financial services and e-commerce. Together the two companies have created the first truly global enterprise referral marketing platform with programs in over 27 countries.

Formed in London in 2011, Buyapowa provides refer-a-friend solutions for brands and retailers including Expedia, Gap, L’Occitane, Vodafone, Desigual, and Zalando, Europe’s largest online fashion retailer. By bringing on board the experience and passion of RewardStream’s North American team, the organization is now perfectly positioned to make referral marketing – already the most effective form of new customer acquisition – a must-have tool for enterprise-scale brands and retailers across the globe.
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La Redoute, vente-privee et SNCF estiment que nous sommes la Top Marketing Solution

La Redoute, Vente-privee et KPMG estiment que nous sommes la Top Marketing Solution en France

Si vous n’avez pas vu la nouvelle, Buyapowa a été récompensé pour sa Top Solution Marketing à l’occasion du prestigieux challenge StartMeUp, à Paris la semaine dernière. L’évènement organisé par la FEVAD et KPMG, a vu les fournisseurs de technologies européennes leaders, présenter leurs solutions devant un panel d’experts du ecommerce incluant la Co-présidente de La Redoute, le Co-Fondateur de vente-privée et le Directeur Général de

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Le parrainage digital révolutionne le eCommerce selon la FEVAD

Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer que ce mercredi Buyapowa, lauréat du concours Start me Up organisé par la FEVAD et KPMG, a remporté la première place dans la catégorie marketing et communication.

Buyapowa et les 4 autres finalistes, ont été invités à présenter leur solution devant le jury (composé de la Co-présidente de la Redoute, le Co-fondateur de, le Co-fondateur de, le CEO de, et le lauréat de l’année dernière) et le public composé d’experts du digital. Ensemble ils ont voté pour le classement des meilleurs start-ups E-commerce 2018.
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