Alternative influencer: the rise of the nano-influencer

Alternative Influencer

Were you at the Buyapowa Client Summit last week? If not, what on earth were you doing instead? You missed some big announcements about the year ahead, a spectacular panel from industry leaders and three excellent keynote speeches.

But don’t worry. We captured the best bits for you to enjoy later, including this presentation from Buyapowa’s very own Director of Client Success, Robin Bresnark, where he discusses the future of influencer marketing, taking in the topics of ‘Murder She Wrote’, standing on horses and sweet potato pie along the way.

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Buyapowa Client Summit 2018: the morning after the night before


Our heads hurt. Mainly because they’re bursting with new learnings, memories of great conversations and, yeah alright, one or two drinks at last night’s Buyapowa Client Summit.

Possibly three.

We adore our annual gatherings though, getting together Buyapowa clients present and future, plus leading experts from the worlds of retail and marketing. And last night’s Summit was our best to date, with record attendance, plus great keynote speeches from data expert, Matthew Tod, awesome futurologist Eirik Norman Hansen and (cough) little old me, Robin Bresnark, Buyapowa’s Director of Client Success.

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Buyapowa Client Summit 2018: la soirée évènement du marketing de recommandation

Nous avons comme chaque année réuni les clients Buyapowa d’aujourd’hui et de demain à l’occasion de notre évènement Summit. Cette année aura particulièrement été réussie avec un record de participants, des keynote et interventions de l’expert data Matthew Tod, du futurologiste Eirik Norman Hansen, ou encore ma présentation, en tant que Directeur Clients Success, sur le marketing influenceurs.

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12 Möglichkeiten: Ihr Empfehlungsprogramm zu zerstören

Empfehlungsmarketing- allgemeine stolperfallen

Empfehlungsmarketing ist eines der beliebtesten Methoden der Kundenakquise – so sehr, dass es kaum noch einen Markenführer gibt, der keine Art von Empfehlungsmarketing-Programm hat.

Es ist relativ einfach: Ihre Fans und Kunden werden belohnt, wenn diese Ihnen bei der Werbung neuer Kunden durch Empfehlung an Freunde helfen. Die Geworbenen werden ebenfalls belohnt. Geteilte Freude ist eben doppelte Freude.

Obwohl Empfehlungsmarketing relativ einfach ist, bedeutet es nicht, dass alles immer reibungslos verläuft. Um die Stolperfallen zu vermeiden, müssen Sie wissen worauf Sie zu achten haben.
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Uber: lagging behind in the rearview mirror

Uber became a global behemoth on the back of its referral programme, where riders were rewarded for bringing in new customers. But what was once quite revolutionary now appears woefully behind the times and unfit for purpose. Let’s take a look at the cab-calling app’s programme and assesses where they may have gone wrong… and where you could go right.

Uber’s dramatic rise via referral

Back in 2012, if you’d walked up to a Londoner and said the word ‘Uber’, they probably would’ve started looking for neck tattoos and a copy of the UKIP manifesto sticking out of your pocket. Today, everyone knows you’re talking about the £50 billion cab company – and, what’s more, they probably know why you’re talking to them about Uber in the first place. You’re shilling your referral code in the hope of earning a free ride.
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