Zizzi top: a multichannel first for the casual dining industry

We’re delighted to announce the national launch of Zizzi’s ground-breaking referral programme, following a successful trial earlier this year. As of today, Zizzi customers will be able to recommend the award-winning Italian restaurant chain to their friends and family and, thanks to Buyapowa’s unique multi-channel referral system, Zizzi will be able to track successful referrals the moment those friends settle their bills in one of their 144 branches across the UK.

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ZiZZi TOP : Une première pour l’industrie de la restauration

Nous sommes ravis de vous annoncer le lancement du programme de parrainage innovant Zizzi, pour faire suite à un pilote qui aura connu un franc succès cette année. Dès aujourd’hui, les consommateurs Zizzi seront à même de recommander le restaurant italien primé à leurs amis et famille. Grâce au système de parrainage multi-canal unique de Buyapowa, Zizzi sera en mesure de tracker les parrainages réussis au moment ou les filleuls régleront l’addition dans l’un de leur 144 restaurants à travers le Royaume Uni.

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How to Take Your E-commerce Business from $0 to $1 Million


Based on the way that e-commerce has grown, it’s safe to say that consumers love the convenience of being able to shop online.

In 2015, online shopping accounted for more than one third of the growth of retail sales, totaling just over $341 billion for the year, according to reports from the U.S. Department of Commerce. That totals a 14.6% increase over 2014 – and the growth isn’t just a recent trend.

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Why is referral marketing so cost effective?

Why Referral Marketing is so Cost Effective for Online Retailers

We have spent a lot of time on this blog talking about how referral marketing is the most cost-effective means for online retailers to win over new customers. In our experience, marketers tend to agree. For instance, Demand Metric’s 2016 referral marketing survey shows that 88% of respondents listed “acquiring new customers” as a core benefit of their referral marketing programs.

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Refer-a-friend programs drive loyalty

It’s not uncommon for referral programs to be lumped into the same category as more traditional customer loyalty. In fact, these two types of programs do belong to the same category: both are rewards programs. However, there are also fundamental differences between referral programs and traditional loyalty programs. For instance, while loyalty programs are designed to reward customers who make frequent purchases (and are therefore focused primarily on customer retention), referral programs seek to leverage existing customers to bring new customers into the fold.

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