3 biggest marketing opportunities in banking right now

After a few tight years, the global banking industry is in recovery and for the first time in a long while things are looking up. Marketers within the banking industry are now looking for new opportunities and new markets to tap into.

In the years since the banking crisis hit, a number of trends emerged which have opened up doors for marketers and guided them towards marketing opportunities that did not exist five or ten years ago. Credit union and other financial institution marketers who want to grow their member base should focus on key areas and targets including:

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Referral Marketing for Online Gaming

The gaming industry hosts some of the most globally well-known and successful referral programs. Across the world, more than a billion and a half people are gaming, and about 700 million people are playing online games. Online gaming has become a much more mainstream activity in recent years and no particular age group or gender dominates the playing field. However, some research indicates that the average age of a gamer is around 31.

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