How to save your business in under 18 minutes

Your existing marketing playbook just isn’t performing anymore. People are ignoring your ads, few users are clicking through, conversions are dropping. It’s getting harder and harder to acquire new customers every day.

Buyapowa’s Head of Product, James Grant, has the answer: alt acquisition. If you came to our event in April 2016, you’ll have seen his fantastic keynote address, explaining the science behind those diminishing returns and exploring alternative ways to supplement your acquisition – complete with compelling examples from Betty Crocker, via Ryanair right up to Tesla.

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Oliver Spencer lance un nouveau programme de parrainage innovant

Oliver Spencer, une grande marque de prêt-à-porter anglaise, a connu une croissance exceptionnelle depuis sa création en 2002, en grande partie grâce au bouche à oreille positif, mais aussi à la fidélité de ses ambassadeurs célèbres, notamment Jude Law, Idris Elba, Allen Leech, Michael Fassbender, Alex James, Gary Kemp et les Rolling Stones.

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Wieleroutfits: getting cycling enthusiasts to refer friends

We’re delighted to unveil Wieleroutfits as our first client in the Netherlands.

Wieleroutfits – who specialise in beautiful and original cycling clothing – are perfectly placed to capitalise on the reach and effectiveness of the Buyapowa referral marketing platform, since their customers are every bit as passionate about the sport as the Wieler team. As we’ve already seen in the fashion, beauty and publishing sectors, retailers of passion products, lifestyle accessories and hobby equipment are perfectly placed to benefit from referral marketing, since their existing customers almost invariably know and interact with wide circles of friends who share their passions.

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Wieleroutfits : inciter les amateurs de cyclisme à parrainer leurs amis

Nous sommes ravis de lever le voile sur notre premier client aux Pays-Bas : Wieleroutfits.

Wieleroutfits, spécialisé dans les vêtements de cyclisme beaux et originaux, est parfaitement bien placé pour bénéficier de la portée et de l’efficacité qu’offre la plate-forme de parrainage digital Buyapowa : ses consommateurs sont tout aussi passionnés de sport que l’équipe Wieler. Comme nous l’avons déjà observé dans les secteurs de la mode, la beauté et l’édition, les distributeurs de produits passion, d’accessoires tendance et d’équipements pour les loisirs sont parfaitement adaptés pour tirer partie du parrainage digital. En effet, il est quasi certain que leurs consommateurs actuels échangent et interagissent dans de vastes cercles d’amis qui partagent leur passion.

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Alt. Acquisition 2016: A night to inspire

Last night, some of the greatest minds in UK marketing and retail got together to enjoy an evening exploring new, innovative and increasingly essential ways to win new customers.

C-level execs from brands including The Guardian, Waitrose, Domino’s Pizza, Boots, Unilever, Three, Sky, L’Oréal, Majestic Wine, Revlon, Space NK, Time Inc, Hawes and Curtis,, Habitat and Cath Kidston came together at London’s Soho Hotel to listen to our guest panelists – Feelunique COO Jim Buckle, O2’s Head of Social, Kristian Lorenzon, our own CEO and Head of Product, Gideon Lask and James Grant, plus a wonderful moderator in the form of Matthew Tod – discuss everything from the death of display to chatbots, UX trickery and… weirdly, eggs.

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