How to Create a Referral Program: Your First 90 Days


So, you’ve taken the plunge and decided the time is ripe to create a referral program. You’ve made a wise decision. Referral programs are the lowest cost means to acquire new customers. Customers who come to you as a result of a referral are proven to have a 16% higher customer-lifetime-value than customers who arrive via other means. Buyapowa’s customers have added over $300 million dollars in new revenue from their referral programs. You’re in good company.

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Whenever we chat with our friends and clients in the world of fashion, two topics keep coming up. First, the schism between the see-now-buy-now collections and the more traditional see-now-buy-later model. Secondly the contrasting approach taken by the likes of Zara and Gap (respectively the biggest and third-biggest apparel brands in the world). Zara trickles collections into stores and online throughout each season; Gap dumps their entire lines out in big seasonal avalanches. In the techie world, they’d call that agile vs waterfall. In the world of fashion, they probably call it seduction vs exposé, and they’d probably say it in a very sexy French accent, too (well maybe in a Galician and San Franciscan accent in this particular case).

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