Bauer, Future & Immediate Media Innovate To Drive Subscriber Growth


Leading UK Magazine Publishers Drive Subscriber Growth from Referrals

After a difficult decade for the global magazine industry, beset by competition from abundant free content online and peer to peer sharing of copyrighted information, 2015  was predicted to be the year that digital revenue gains finally outweighed falling print revenue. So it is encouraging to see the UK, with its long and illustrious history of printed magazines and pamphlets, leading the way in adopting innovative solutions to drive subscriptions growth across print and digital, as seen in the recent PPA ABC Consumer Magazines Report in August 2015

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5 Ways You Can Develop an Effective Referral Marketing Program


Referral marketing programs are designed to help you acquire new customers at a very low cost; in fact, referral marketing provides the lowest cost per acquisition. But like all marketing programs, referral marketing is the most effective when managed efficiently and optimized to attract the right customers. Building an attractive referral marketing program is half the battle, ensuring that your business encourages the referrals – meaning that your loyal customers recommend your business to their friends and family, is the real challenge. Like other marketing programs, you can build it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean “they” will come. Here are five ways to ensure that you are employing an effective referral marketing program, in both the short and long term.

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Does an Automated Referral Program Make Sense for Your Brand?

automated referral program

When I first joined Buyapowa, I admit I was little confused about how automated referral programs worked. I didn’t quite understand what it meant to automate a process that humans do naturally. I’d seen referral programs run in the past, and it seemed pretty simple. Reach out to your customers, tell them you’ll reward them when they refer their friends, and wait for those friends to show up and make a purchase. It seemed like a pretty organic process, based on the natural relationship between people.

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