80% of January sales are over by January


We thought it would be fun to show you how the January sales looked 30 years ago (see video below), when the lure of great discounts could bring the masses to your store.

But for January 2015, with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and even Panic Saturday promotions fresh in shoppers’ minds, you’re going to need more than just great prices to ensure your January sales don’t fizzle out before January even starts.

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The end of lazy social media marketing



When a Great Blog Article Inspires You To Post!

We were inspired to write this blog post by Matt Owen’s excellent recent article in eConsultancy entitled: How can brands make money from social media if they aren’t allowed to join

While that article was mostly targeted at social and content marketing, there are clear parallels with Social Commerce and the offers that brands and retailers can make to their fans and followers via social. Basically, like great content, great offers will get shared, particularly when there is an incentive for the person sharing the offer, and the sharing task is made both easy and natural.

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