Should You Have to Pay Facebook to Speak to Your Fans? (Part 1)


The first part of this blog article considers the value of Customer to Customer communications in light of the changes to Facebook’s algorithm…

Paying to Speak to Your Own Fans? (Part 1)

The recent publicity surrounding Facebook’s policy decision to further reduce the number of brand posts that can appear in a member’s newsfeed has cast further doubt on the value of a simple ‘like’ on Facebook.

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Planning your Christmas campaign? Don’t commit the #1 crime.


This is Grant. Grant works at an online marketing agency, helping brands and retailers to engage and develop their audiences and, ultimately (though Grant prefers not to dwell on this bit), transition them into paying customers.

You can’t see them in this picture, because he’s facing his ‘ideas board’, but Grant’s wearing a pair of glasses so expensive they’re worth more than most people’s cars. To pay for his costly eyeware habit, Grant has to maximise his own revenue while putting in the least possible number of “cycles” (or “do the least possible amount of work”, for anyone who doesn’t speak ‘marketing-ese’). And Grant’s favourite tactic to achieve this?

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