2014: the year writers become sellers

2014: the year writers become sellers

This is our second prediction for 2014. Keep up to date with the next ones here.

The past few years have seen retailers storm into the world of content, grab it by the baubles and stuff it like a turkey. That’s why Tesco Magazine is now the most read publication in the UK. Bigger than The Daily Mail. Bigger than The Sun. Bigger than The Daily Prophet. Amazing.

And it’s not just print media. Retailers have started dominating the world of online content, too – be that bespoke recipes from Heston and Delia on the Waitrose website or the uniquely useful product videos at Appliances Online. So… where do old-fashioned content players fit into this? How do the newspapers and the magazines and even the blogs compete?

They compete by dishing out a dose of the same medicine, that’s how. If retailers are going to do content, content producers need to reciprocate by doing retail. And they’re uniquely positioned to do it, too – with amazing audiences, established positions of authority and unique sway with brands and suppliers. But a commercial play won’t work if content producers just try to bolt some crumby old affiliate store onto their websites. They need to do commerce the way they do content – engagingly, interactively, by empowering their audiences and putting them in control.

Here at Buyapowa, we’ve already worked with the likes of The Mirror, IPC Media, Bauer Media, Hearst, Immediate Media and Mumsnet, helping them to harness the power of true Social-Commerce. In 2014, we predict it will become an intrinsic part of all publishers’ business models. In fact, with declining ad sales, circulation cliff-faces and brutal competition from the retailers, it has to.

Robin Bresnark

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