Who are your Facebook neighbours?

Who are your social neighbours?

Community. Peers. Group. Network. Friends and followers and contacts. There’s almost as many terms for ‘them people wot you know’ in social media as there are social networks. But you know and I know that lots of the people you ‘know’ are, in fact, complete and utter strangers. Maybe you met them at a conference for three-and-a-half seconds. Maybe you liked their avatar. Maybe they’re a friend of a friend of someone you met at a conference who had a nice avatar.

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Social Commerce: from Robbie Williams to… well, wait and see

Robbie Williams to... well, wait and see!

We met with a record-breaking, platinum-selling music artist earlier today, and we’re very excited about the plans we’re drawing up for their forthcoming Social Commerce channel. Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ll have powered Social Commerce for a musical megastar – getting their legions of social media fans shopping and sharing in unprecedented numbers.

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