Christmas 2012 is ALL ABOUT social commerce (infographic)

Social Commerce Will Dominate Christmas 2012

Infographic from STEELHOUSE

A fascinating infographic has been released by the ad:tech company STEELHOUSE, summing up their Christmas retail research. One thing’s pretty clear: this Christmas is all about social commerce.

You know how everyone’s always talking about mobile? We love mobile, too (don’t get us wrong), but this Christmas totally isn’t about that. In fact, the majority of people said they wouldn’t be using their phone or tablet to browse or make gift purchases. At all.

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Turf war! Retail VS Publishing.

Turf war! Retail v publishing

The French word for shop is ‘magasin’. We reckon they’re onto something, the French (beyond the nice art and the poodles and stuff), because magazines and retail go together like snails and garlic butter.

Except it’s the wrong way round. Instead of publishers exerting their incredible influence and ready-made audiences to do something magical with retail, they’ve let the shopkeepers jump them gun on them and launch their own magazines.

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Turn on your Facebook (*shocking stats inside*)

Shocking Facebook Stats

Some amazing stats from the Mediabistro AllFacebook Marketing Conference this morning, where Vincent Sider, VP of Social Media for the BBC’s commercial arm, BBC Worldwide, bemoaned the impact of Facebook’s new EdgeRank algorithms. For anyone who’s not run into this problem, Facebook recently tweaked its backend settings to prevent so much corporate content from reaching Fans’ News Feeds. As a consequence, some brands’ posts are now reportedly seen by as few as 6% of their Fans. Yep, just six percent. Pretty hard to get return on that investment.

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Two thirds of bosses think their marketing team “continuously fail”

Two thirds of bosses think their marketing team

Do you work in marketing? Well, sorry to break the bad news, but chances are your CEO thinks you’re a waste of space and only keeps you around out of a sense of “tradition”. That somewhat brutal insight comes from research recently published by the Fournaise Group, and it doesn’t end there.  Other hard to swallow home truths state that:

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