2010 – 2019: a decade of advocate marketing

Advocate marketing didn’t start in 2010 – or even, for that matter, in 2010 BC. Since the dawn of time, our grunting ancestors would drag fellow tribesmen down to the local fire pit to try the “mega-delish grilled mammoth”. But the modern, digital version of advocate marketing? That really kicked off when Uber launched with a referral programme that saw it rapidly grow into a multi-billion-dollar behemoth.

From that point onwards, it was open season for advocate marketing. And, while we – the general public – bobbed about on a cultural ocean of royal weddings, wrecking-ball riding and feathery fellas with attitude problems, the likes of Tesla, Dropbox and Evernote were taking advantage of a shiny new channel that offered greater conversion rates, higher average spends and lower CPAs than any traditional marketing tool.

So, as we enter the second decade of the golden age of advocate marketing, it only seems proper to celebrate what’s come before. Check out our timeline below and, if you’d like to feature as one of the leading brands when history assembles the new decade’s all-star line-up, just get in touch – we’d love to help get you there.

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