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At Buyapowa, we believe that advocacy marketing can be done well and it can be done poorly. That’s why enterprise-scale organisations such as Sprint, Expedia, Gap and Telefonica look to our experts to help them construct, manage and perfect their advocacy channels. It’s not a job for amateurs, which is why we’ve assembled the world’s most experienced team of technologists, analysts and and business experts - all dedicated to our clients and their success.

We’re headquartered in London, UK. We have offices in Vancouver and Paris. We’re truly global, powering referral, brand ambassador and employee friends & family programmes across five continents, from Japan to Peru and everywhere in between.

Referral: Then

While retailers have been asking their customers to "tell their friends" since the year dot, the advent of the internet meant sharing, tracking and rewarding could all take place on an infinitely greater scale. And the phenomenal success of Dropbox, Airbnb and Uber - all of whom became multi-billion-dollar giants predominantly through their ground-breaking invite-a-friend programmes - established referral as a must-have acquisition tool.

Advocacy: Now

In the past seven years, referral marketing has gradually evolved into something much broader and much more powerful: advocacy sales. Harnessing the power not only of your customers, but also of your employees and select brand ambassadors, today’s advocacy sales platform is a bridge between the influencers you have and the customers you want. It seamlessly integrates with your website, mobile site and app, it joins together your online and offline businesses, and it delivers invaluable data and insight into your advocates and their fans, friends and followers.


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