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Nails Inc. Magnetic Purple Nail Polish
Nails Inc. Magnetic Purple Nail Polish (Metallic Purple)Nails Inc. Magnetic Purple Nail Polish (Metallic Purple)Nails Inc. Magnetic Purple Nail Polish (Metallic Purple)Nails Inc. Magnetic Purple Nail Polish (Metallic Purple)

A brand that's loved by celebrities and supermodels alike, including Rihanna, J-Lo, Kylie, Jodie Kidd and Laura Bailey. The revolutionary new beauty trend that Elle Magazine says is "set to go stellar this autumn". It can only be one thing: Nails Inc.'s revolutionary new Magnetic Nail Polish.

When we started talking to people about which beauty products they'd love to see featured in a future co-buy, this is the one they asked for time and time again. We aim to please at Buyapowa, so we're offering 100 bottles of these super-hot Nails Inc. Magnetic Nail Polishes to help you dazzle your friends. And how are these fantastic savings of up to 46% off* possible? Well, when we come together to buy in bulk, we can enjoy the same discounts only usually enjoyed by the big name retailers - that's how!

Let's be honest, after a while, all nail polishes start to seem a bit samey. You can freshen things up with a neon, or go for a gothic black but, at the end of the day, it's all a bit flat and lifeless. Nails Inc.'s genius magnetic formula changes all that, allowing you to make ultra-cool 3D patterns by holding the included magnet over your nails before they dry - totally revolutionising the way they look. The wild waves and textured special effects will wow everyone who sees them, and all without the trouble (and expense!) of a trip to the salon. 

You''ve chosen the 'Houses of Parliament' shade for this co-buy: a brilliant metallic purple that really shows off the patterns you can achieve. So be sure to join before we sell out, and tell your friends so they don't miss out on this opportunity to get an incredible look at an even more incredible price.

*Not to mention free P&P!

Nails Inc. Magnetic Nail Polish:

  • Get textured, special effects nails
  • Create gorgeous, 3D nail art in just minutes
  • The must-have look for this season
  • Colour: 'Houses of Parliament' purple
  • Includes application brush and magnet
  • Works brilliantly with other Nails Inc. base and top coats
  • Genuine Nails Inc. product
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