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RoC® Sublime Energy™ Rejuvenation Trio - Save Over 60%
RoC® Sublime Energy™ Rejuvenation Trio - Save Over 60%_otherImagesRoC® Sublime Energy™ Rejuvenation Trio - Save Over 60%_otherImages

Extract of miracle plant. Infused with lovely-skin-aline and look-at-me-eride. Eye of newt, toe of frog, etc, etc, etc. Every anti-ageing product says it's full of magic chemicals which will make your face a thousand years younger and tighter than The Chancellor of the Exchequer on an austerity drive. But RoC®'s Sublime Energy™ range really is different, which is why its spectacular anti-ageing results are visible from the very first application and continue to improve with daily use.

How? Instead of pumping their product full of nice-smelling but essentially useless nothings, RoC®'s patented E-PULSE™ technology creates low level micro-currents that accelerate skin's repair systems to help visibly rejuvenate skin. And, in today's co-buy, you could get the entire range - Day cream, Night cream and Eye cream - with a combined saving of over 60%!

Each of the Sublime Energy™ products is presented as a quick and easy-to-use two step system: a grey tinted E-PULSE™ concentrate to be applied to the skin first (this is what creates those low-level currents), plus an activating moisturiser to pat gently on top. Your skin will be left looking dramatically younger with a radiance you never knew you had... at least not since your late teens! We know that you'll want to do your homework before investing, so prepare to pick your jaw up from the floor after seeing the astounding before and after photos in this review, and be sure to check out 'More details' for further info on how E-PULSE™ works.

Three products for the price of one:

  • Sublime Energy™ Day (2 x 30ml) gives visible reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with noticeably brighter, more radiant and unified complexion.
  • Sublime Energy™ Night (2 x 30ml) works while you sleep to significantly decrease the appearance of deeper wrinkles and sagging, as well as reducing the appearance of age spots and creating a more even skin tone.
  • Sublime Energy™ Eye (2 x 10ml) banishes dark circles and puffiness, as well as reducing fine lines and pesky crows' feet. Eyelids look lifted and eye contours are far firmer.
  • Use all three in conjunction for a skincare routine that will leave you with remarkably softer, smoother and firmer skin.

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RoC® Sublime Energy™ Rejuvenation Trio:

  • Inspired by bioelectricity (see below)
  • Patented E-PULSE™ technology creates low-level micro-currents which accelerate skin's repair systems
  • Spectacular anti-ageing results visible from the first application, which continue to improve with daily use
  • Each product uses a quick and easy-to-use two step system
  • Apply the grey E-PULSE™ concentrate first, then follow by patting the activating moisturiser gently on top
  • Skin is left looking dramatically younger
  • Sublime Energy™ Day (2 x 30ml) visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and brightens complexion
  • Sublime Energy™ Night (2 x 30ml)gives significant decrease of deeper wrinkles, sagging and age spots
  • Sublime Energy™ Eye (2 x 10ml) reduces dark circles and puffiness, leaving eyelids looking lifted and eye contours firmer

What is E-PULSE™?

Bioelectricity (low-level voltages and electrical currents) is present in all living things: plants, animals and humans. As our natural signalling process, bioelectricity is the mechanism our bodies use to trigger, perform and coordinate life functions. It directs key functions of the body, for example electrical pulses in nerves or our hearts’ contraction. 

In 1771, Galvani discovered “animal electricity” in the famous experiment where frogs’ legs kicked as if alive when their nerves were touched. Bioelectricity is now widely used in modern healthcare (e.g. in diagnostic (heart ECG), electrotherapy (pace makers) and regenerative medicine) and has also been proven to help the skin repair itself. Professionals are using the science of bioelectricity to improve skin appearance in anti-ageing treatments, in the form of patches and battery-operated portable devices.

Inspired by bioelectric-stimulation, scientists at RoC® created a real innovation in skincare: E-PULSE™. For the first time in a cream, this patented technology creates low-level micro-currents which accelerate the skin’s repair systems to help visibly rejuvenate skin.

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