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OPI Skyfall Bondettes Mini Collection
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OPI have had some awesome collaborations in recent years, but we have to say that the Skyfall collection is the coolest one ever. EVER. OPI and James Bond? Count us in! The Bondettes mini collection is comprised of 4 mini polishes in stunning colours and finishes, and the box is adorned by new (and frankly rather beautiful) Bond girl Severine, portrayed by French actress Berenice Marlohe. There's nothing not to like!

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Goldeneye is a show-stopping true gold shade with unparalleled shine and a sparkly, glittery finish. The Spy Who Loved Me can only be described as the classic bold secret-agent red, in a perfectly opaque creme finish. The World Is Not Enough is a real chameleon - primarily a chic metallic high-shimmer grey, but with unexpected duochrome flashes of lilac and gold. Live And Let Die is a deep and sultry charcoal grey packed with tiny flecks of golden olive green. All in all, a fantastic selection of colours and a great homage to Mr Bond - don't miss out!

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OPI Skyfall Bondettes Mini Collection:

  • Goldeneye - true gold with a glittery finish
  • The Spy Who Loved Me - classic bold red
  • The World Is Not Enough - metallic grey with lilac and gold duochrome flashes
  • Live And Let Die - deep charcoal with flecks of golden olive green
  • 4 x 3.75ml
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