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Co-buying Explained

Selling on social requires a new kind of e-commerce. You can't bolt social on, it needs to be baked in. Co-buying is designed to get fans and followers shopping:


1. Co Creation:

Allowing customers to have a say in the products and offers that go live makes them more likely to shop.
Like Kickstarter but for e-commerce.


2. Dynamic Value:

Add value as more people commit to buy, bundling products together or dropping the price. Incentivize shoppers to bring in new customers.


3. Gamification

Reward customers who bring in the most shoppers, encourage them to complete with one another.
Offer free products, added value or exclusives.

Are you ready for social selling?

How mature is your approach to social? Most companies fit into one of these three phases:

Our focus is on helping clients take the journey from Interaction to Selling on social.

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How Tesco's fans and followers became shoppers


  • Develop new sales channel
  • Move from 'dumb discounts' to 'smart rewards'
  • Turn customers into advocates


  • Launched co-buy channel on Facebook and
  • Customers request products and offers
  • Offers get better as more shoppers commit


  • £2m+ run rate
  • 50%+ referrals
  • 10%+ conversion

The Impact of Co-Buying

The Impact of Co-Buying

Increased Margins

Increased Margin

Co-buying doesn't require the investment in discount that other acquisition channels do. As the Co-buying channel becomes established the discount required reduces and the volume of Co-buys can increase.



Registered Users

Registered Users

It's hard to market to a 'Like' but by having users opt-in to marketing as part of the coming-soon and requesting process you move from having fans and followers to having marketable email addresses. A Co-buy will typically be 10x over subscribed.

Earned Media

Earned Media

Co-buying incentivizes sharing and on average each Co-buy generates well over 1m earned media impressions. These are generated by users, not by the brand, and result in a 67% referral rate per Co-buy.

Customer Insight

Customer Insights

When users connect using Facebook or LinkedIn we pull 20+ pieces of social data on each user, from where they live and what they Like and how social they are. This data provides a powerful view of a brand's social shopper.

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About us

Buyapowa is a social commerce business. We think social should be making you money, not costing it. Our unique e-commerce model helps you to get your social audience shopping, by giving them a genuine level of control alongside real entertainment and genuine social currency. We call the model Co-buying, and it works.

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